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Sensor Development Intern - Giant Leap Program

Giant Leap is a Vaisala’s project-based internship program offering a great chance to develop professional skills for students. The program is globally organized across Vaisala offices every summer. As an intern of the Giant Leap Program, you will get your own development project to lead, organize and execute with the support of Vaisala experienced experts.


We are looking for a Sensor Development Intern to join Vaisala's Industrial Measurements (VIM) organization at Vaisala headquarters in Vantaa.


Vaisala and our innovative measurement solutions have impact where it truly matters, helping to solve climate change and other global challenges of our time.  We are a global leader in weather and industrial measurements, and our technologies can be found in demanding environments from hospitals, national parks and data centers to airports and wind farms all over the world – even on Mars!


You will be part of our Optical Measurement Technologies R&D team consisting of nine enthusiastic professionals. Together with the team, you will have an excellent opportunity to contribute to development of optical chips for CARBOCAP® gas sensors and Optimus™ OPT100 DGA monitors. In this role you will work closely with Vaisala’s scientists and R&D engineers. You will report to Senior Scientist Ville-Markus Korpijärvi.




  • In this project you will build a setup for measuring emission spectra of infrared (IR) emitters and then utilize the built setup for measuring different emitters used in Vaisala’s gas sensors.
  • The project can be divided into five phases:
  1. Build a simple optics setup for collecting and collimating IR radiation from the studied emitter to a commercial FTIR spectrometer
  2. Measure reference sources and selected test sources to analyze measurement systems capability. Compare the results to the spectra predicted by theory and to reference sources’ datasheets.
  3. Suggest improvements to the measurement setup. Implement those improvements which are feasible during the project
  4. Measure different emitter components which are used in and developed for Vaisala’s gas sensors. Compare their spectra with each other and with spectra predicted by theory.
  5. Summarize and report the observations, i.e. the operation and performance of the developed measurement setup and the spectra of the studied IR emitters.




  • Learning & development opportunity: Specialized training and workshops are organized to support your internship journey and accomplish the project. You will also have a chance to enhance your professional skills through on-the-job learning.
  • Challenging and meaningful projects: You will have a chance to put your skills and knowledge into use in solving purposeful challenges within your very own project, while also receiving help and support from our seasoned experts.
  • Mentorship & team support: We strongly believe that working together and having a good team spirit are key ingredients in achieving the best results. As a Giant Leaper, you will get a mentor to support and give you guidance to ensure you get all the necessary help you need as part of team Vaisala.
  • Experience Life in Vaisala: You will have a chance to meet and connect with Vaisala professionals from our diverse teams and participate in summer activities with other Giant Leap Interns and trainees.


Just a hello from the hiring team: “In Optical Measurement Technologies team, we focus on designing and developing better chips for use in Vaisala’s Optical gas sensors, namely CARBOCAP® gas sensors and Optimus™ OPT100 DGA monitors. In addition, we develop our characterization capabilities, such as the FTIR that will be used in the Giant Leap project. We are enthusiastic professionals with background in relevant fields such as physics, photonics, semiconductors, microfabrication, chemistry and mechanical design.  Improving our capability to measure spectra from IR emitters will benefit the team and its projects directly. By better understanding of the emission spectra, we can design better emitters in the future and make better use of the current ones. We look forward to getting to work with the Giant Leap intern on this important project.”




  • You are at least a third-year student actively pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physics, chemistry, (opto)electronics, photonics or other relevant field
  • Ideally you would have some prior experience in optoelectronics/photonics and spectroscopy
  • You have hands-on attitude and analytical mindset
  • You are eager to learn more and interested in solving meaningful challenges
  • You are a team player who doesn’t hesitate to ask questions
  • You are fluent in both spoken and written English     

For additional information please contact Ville-Markus Korpijärvi via his email:

If you are interested, apply at the latest on 5th  of February, 2023 via the application form.


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