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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer, Vaisala is where your next technology adventure awaits. We want to change the planet by searching for the absolute truth and by putting data to work. Curious about how you can make a difference?

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From a 1930s start-up to a global measurement technology leader, Vaisala has always predicted the unpredictable. By teaming up brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies, we create innovative solutions to measure, analyze, and act for a better world. From Mars to Louvre and wind farms to pharmaceutical manufacturing – our products are where accurate measurements matter the most. We are known for the greatest reliability and there’s a pretty good reason: If it works on Mars and Titan, it works anywhere. 

Are you ready to shape the future of weather and environmental data? 



Vaisala is a hidden gem for tech enthusiasts, who are excited by space-proof and science-based technology. As extreme weather events become more frequent, accurate insights are more crucial than ever. This is your chance to make a difference with your work and help us develop a cutting-edge cloud-native weather platform. There’s no better time to join us as we are just starting this exciting journey and you will get the opportunity to set the scene.


Here’s a few more reasons why you should join us:

  • At the forefront of tomorrow’s technology: We are shifting towards site reliability engineering, so this is a fantastic opportunity to future-proof your skills and learn about progressive and cloud-native tech. 
  • Smooth collaboration: There is already a competent team in place with whom even the sky is not the limit – now you would be the one who completes the team!
  • On a quest for a better life: With Vaisala, your work truly matters as your work will enable our customers to reduce the environmental impacts based on weather and environmental insights. 
  • A healthy work community: Vaisala employs over 2,000 professionals, who stay with us on average for a decade of employment and report that they feel well in their work (Employee Engagement Index 4.14/5). 


At Vaisala, we rely on our courage, curiosity, and world-class expertise to stay ahead and make a difference. Committed to being a great place to grow for brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds, we work together to build an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and belongs as they are. All talents applying to join our community will be considered without regard to their background. Our trust-based culture is the home for purpose-driven people who are inspired by our shared values, innovations, and impact for a better, sustainable world.




You will join our Weather and Environment Emerging Business Unit, a home for over two hundred brilliant minds. We are a diverse bunch, but we share the same excitement on how we can make the world a better place with tech. Our team of ten experts is located in Keilaniemi, so you can count on always having someone to spar with in the office.

You would be creating a high quality, easy to maintain, next generation weather platform. The new service will use microservices based event-driven architecture running in the public cloud. DevOps pipelines support several services that are delivered over a common platform integrated to test, security, and quality tools. In your daily work, you will
•    define, develop, and execute strategies for DevOps tooling and automation needed to deliver daily cloud operations tasks and runbooks effectively by providing a framework
•    design tools and automation to prevent problem recurrence
•    continuously improve the security, reliability, and scalability of the cloud platforms and services 
•    form relationships with Product Engineering to ensure that products are fully tested and continuously deployed for production use
•    use your experience to improve DevOps tools and processes.


•    Strong knowledge in different DevOps and CI/CD tools and practices and their use as a part of agile software development work
•    Hands-on experience in building continuous integration/deployment pipelines with robust testing and deployment schedules, building automation and integrating DevOps tools 
•    Experience in working with helping software developers to adopt established DevOps processes and understanding of cultural perspective DevOps and building those in teams and organizations
•    Hands-on experience developing services on a public cloud platform (e.g., AWS, Azure). Experience with source control, serverless, container technologies, build automation, configuration management, infrastructure as a code and monitoring tools.


Possible experience with cloud cost optimization and DevOps related certifications are a plus.

Leading performance, not location. Our culture is trust-based. We treasure face-to-face collaboration with our colleagues, but hybrid work and flexibility are the new norm for us. 


Should you want to know more about this role, Anand Adhiappan, Head of Product Management, Cloud Platforms, ( is happy to help. 


If we captured your attention, apply latest on February 5th, 2023 via the application form. 

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